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I have added on to Zerger's simple priest rotation.  This shadow rotation works very well.  I have been testing it myself and have zero issues.  Change the settings as you see fit.  I will not help with setting this up as it should work perfectly.  I will continue to update the rotation until I hit 60.  I hope you all enjoy.  This rotation is meant to work with a wand after level 10.  I suggest you use Zerger's simple priest rotation before that.

I have hit 60 and no longer use this rotation.  I will probably not update this again.  This rotation worked perfectly for me at the final version.  I was getting 30k exp an hour.  I suggest stacking spirit and buying the best wand you can.

-- Almost all of this rotation was done by zerger I added some things for shadow - Brogok

-- Shadow Madness 1.7 Final Version
  -- Tweaked the logic of some spells.
  -- Updated blacklist options
  -- Tweaked the code a bit.
  -- Added Stoneform support for poison **Dwarf only**

-- Shadow Madness 1.6
   -- Added Inner Focus support for Mind Blast
   -- Added Draw text for blacklist
   -- Changed draw text position

-- Shadow Madness v1.5
   -- Changed some timings; cleaned up the code a bit.
   -- Added wand attack speed setting
   -- Added self Dispel support.  Debuffs must be specified in settings.

-- Shadow Madness v1.4
   -- Added Zerger's blacklist support
   -- Added Fear support

-- Shadow Madness v1.3
   -- Added Shadowform logic to cast healing spells

-- Shadow Madness v1.2
   -- Added Dispel target support

-- Shadow Madness v1.1
   -- Added Vampiric Embrace support
   -- Added Shadowform support
   -- Added Health potion support from Benjamins rogue rotation

-- Shadow Madness v1.0    
   -- Added Mind Flay support
   -- Added Desperate Prayer support **Human and Dwarf only**
   -- Added Fear Ward support **Dwarf only**
   -- Added Shadow Protection support

The rotation pulls with Devouring plague, if you have it, or Shadow Word: Pain.  The rotation then uses Mind Blast if above a certain mana threshold.  The rotation then uses Mind Flay if you have it set to do so in the settings.  The rotation also uses Vampiric Embrace if you want it to do so.  I have also added support for Fear Ward, Desperate Prayer, Shadow Protection, and the rotation will dispel a buff, that you must designate,  on your target.  The rotation also has support for Shadowform.

Here are the options I have added:
mindflayMana = 60; -- Mind Flay if we are above a certain mana threshold
DispelSpell = "Wild Regeneration"; -- Name of the spell you want dispeled on the target
mindFlay = true; -- Mark as true if you have and want to use Mind Flay.
desperatePrayer = true; -- Will cast Desperate Prayer if you are below 10% health if you have it. **Only available to a Dwarf or Human**
fearWard = false; -- Will buff you with fear ward if you have it. **Only available to a Dwarf**
shadowProt = false; -- Will buff you with Shadow Protection.
vEmbrace = true; -- Will use Vampiric Embrace if you have it.
sForm = false;  -- Will buff you with Shadowform if you have it.
mobType = 0; -- Blacklist mobs by their creature type, 0=attack all 1=beasts 2=dragonkin 3=demon 4=elementals 5=giant 6=undead 7=humanoids
useFear = true; -- Casts Psychic Scream if you are being attacked by >= to two mobs
wandTime = 1.9; -- Wand attack speed
disease = ""; -- Disease debuff to dispell on yourself
magic = ""; -- Magic debuff to dispell on yourself
poison = ""; -- Poison debuff to use stoneform on **Only available to a dwarf**

Gif of the rotation in action:
very nice Smile
finally someone else is writing a rotation Big Grin

2 minor suggestions:
rename your rotation to something else than shadow priest rotation - its a bit generic and its getting confusing in the rotation folder if you cant just distinguish them by name -  maybe "shadow madness" or "brogok epic priest" whatever you feel like Big Grin

just write a function that checks and cancels shadowform then you put it in all your healing logics -> save some code space

i noticed it is easier to debug the rota if you use the ToConsole() to see whats going on
also in case you need help join discord
Thanks for the suggestions Zerger! I appreciate the constructive criticism! I have added the functions and you are correct that it does clean up the code quite a bit! Big Grin

As for a new name I'll go with Shadow Madness! Big Grin

Also, I will be joining discord as I have an issue with my function not working exactly how i want it to.

Any info as of how to load t his? I tried just put it in folder, renaming it, Copy paste the stuff inside and put it under Disc priest. Nothing seem to work...
If i just put in script folder it wont show up anywhere in the menus. I tried adding it to the Menu.lua file (whatever the name is) but no luck

Any help plz?
This rotation was for version 2.0.17