Full Version: Nav Mesh Runner for oGasai 2.1.X
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This little project was started by Rot (see script list on Discord)

I've changed, removed and added some stuff:

 - Added the script to be a "mode" instead of a window (uses run/stop) so we can use draw functions
 - Decreased the lines of code for adding/loading destinations
 - Added map/continent ID to destinations which are useless since the  Map ID's aren't "ordered" , need to map them some how
 - Most destinations are Horde that Rot added, so if people use this script, feel free to share the addDestination(...) line.
   e.g.: script_runner:addDestination("Razor Hill - Durator", 323.82, -4736.34, 9.80, 1, 14);

You can only walk to destinations that are usually within one "map-zone" from your current position. Otherwise you will end up with a path of 2 nodes or no path at all.

How to install:
1. Place the script_runner.lua in \\scripts\\

2. In core\\coremenu.lua inside the isSetup if-statment add:
        -- Nav Mesh Runner by Rot, Improved by Logitech
        LoadScript("Runner", "scripts\\script_runner.lua");
        AddScriptToMode("Runner", "script_runner");

2. In the same file below the isSetup if-statement add the menu: