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Posted by: Google - 02-17-2017, 08:15 PM - Forum: Support - No Replies

test thread for something im working on

  Useful Methods for your scripts
Posted by: Logitech - 02-13-2017, 10:33 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Here you can post code segments of any implementation of racial skills or useful checks. I will start with some... (sorry for good/bad solutions... and not following code standards)
Some of my rotations gets very long that's why I have to skip using more lines then necessary. I've worked a lot on hunter methods... I've now shared my full hunter rotation on this forum.

In my scripts I use the timer functions for Global Cooldowns when using skills. Then add a return statement early so the scripts does nothing during that duration (to not spam abilities).

Undead  Racial Cannibalize:
function SetCannibalizeTarget(targetObj) SetVar('cannibTarget', targetObj); end -- Saves a target to Cannibalize later
function GetCannibalizeTarget() return GetVar('cannibTarget'); end -- Gets the target that should be Cannibalized

-- Set the current target as a "Cannibalize-target" if it's Humanoid or Undead
 if (GetCreatureType(targetObj) == 'Humanoid' or GetCreatureType(targetObj) == 'Undead') then SetCannibalizeTarget(targetObj); else SetCannibalizeTarget(0); end

-- Check: If we can use Cannibalize on a corpse
if (IsTimeGood() == 1 and IsInCombat() == 0 and localHealth < eatHealth and IsEating() == 0) then          
     if (IsMoving() == 1 and GetDistance(GetCannibalizeTarget()) < 3) then StopMoving(); return; end
      -- Cannibalize if possible
      if(HasSpell('Cannibalize') == 1 and IsSpellOnCD('Cannibalize') == 0 and GetCannibalizeTarget() ~= 0) then  
            SetSatusText('Cannibalize possible: ', 'Moving to corpse to feed...');
            if (GetDistance(GetCannibalizeTarget()) > 3) then

Customizable check if bags are full, e.g. with ignore hunter quiver (quiverBagNr = quiver bag index):
-- Check bags 1-5, except the quiver bag (quiverBagNr)
for i=1,5 do
     if (i ~= quiverBagNr) then
            for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i-1) do
                  texture, itemCount, locked, quality, readable = GetContainerItemInfo(i-1,y);
                  if (itemCount == 0 or itemCount == nil) then
                          inventoryFull = false;

if (inventoryFull) then
    -- do something, e.g. I use Hearthstone and stop the bot.

Use Hearthstone with check of CD, does HS if on CD then stops the bot:
hsBag = 1; -- local setting variable: bag 1 (index is 0 for bag 1!)
hsSlot = 1; -- local setting variable: slot 1 (index is 1 for slot 1)
hsWhenStop = true; -- local setting

SetSatusText('Inventory is full', 'Stopping the bot...');
if (GetContainerItemCooldown(hsBag-1,hsSlot) == 0 and hsWhenStop and IsTimeGood() == 1) then

First Aid, bandage:
bandageName = "Linen Bandage"; -- Name of the bandage to use

function UpdateBandageTimer() SetVar('bandageTimer', GetTimeX() + 62000); end -- Set the CD time for the bandage debuff (60s)
function CanBandage() if (GetVar('bandageTimer') < GetTimeX()) then return 1; end return 0; end -- Has the bandage debuff CD timer passed?

-- Check: Use Bandage if possible
if(HasItem(bandageName) == 1 and CanBandage() == 1 and IsInCombat() == 0 and localHealth < eatHealth and IsEating() == 0 and IsTimeGood() == 1) then
    SetSatusText('Bandage possible: ', 'Using bandage...');
    if (UseItem(bandageName) == 1)  then

Display the player's HP, Mana, Energy, Rage, Pet's Hp and Target's HP on the screen

DrawText('HP:' .. GetHealth(localObj) .. ' (' .. round(GetHealthPercentage(localObj),2) .. '%)', 25, 150, 0, 255, 0);
DrawText('Mana:' .. GetMana(localObj) .. ' (' .. round(GetManaPercentage(localObj),2) .. '%)', 25,165, 0, 255, 255);
if (hasPet and UnitExists("pet")) then DrawText('PET HP:' .. UnitHealth("pet") .. ' (' .. round(UnitHealth("pet")*100/UnitHealthMax("pet"),2) .. '%)', 25, 180, 0, 255, 0); end

DrawText('Energy:' .. GetEnergy(localObj), 25,165, 255, 255, 0);
DrawText('Energy:' ..GetRage(localObj), 25,165, 255, 255, 0);

if (GetTarget() ~= 0) then DrawText('Target HP:' .. GetHealth(GetTarget()) .. ' (%)', 25, 180, 255, 0, 0); end

Hunter choose aspect function:
function chooseAspect()
    hasHawk, hasMonkey, hasCheetah  = HasSpell("Aspect of the Hawk"), HasSpell("Aspect of the Monkey"), HasSpell("Aspect of the Cheetah");
    if (hasMonkey and GetLevel(localObj) < 10) then if (HasBuff(localObj, 'Aspect of the Monkey') == 0) then SetSatusText('Choosing Aspect: ', 'Aspect of the Monkey...'); CastSpellByName('Aspect of the Monkey'); return; end    
    elseif (hasCheetah and IsInCombat() == 0 and GetNearestEnemy() == 0) then if (HasBuff(localObj, 'Aspect of the Cheetah') == 0) then SetSatusText('Choosing Aspect: ', 'Aspect of the Cheetah...'); CastSpellByName('Aspect of the Cheetah'); return; end
    elseif (hasHawk and IsInCombat() == 1) then if (HasBuff(localObj, 'Aspect of the Hawk') == 0) then SetSatusText('Choosing Aspect: ', 'Aspect of the Hawk...'); CastSpellByName('Aspect of the Hawk'); return; end end

Feed pet for hunters:
bagWithPetFood = 4; -- 4th bag slot has pet food in it (ALWAYS PUT PET FOOD IN THE LAST SLOT OF THE BAG!)

function SetFeedTimer() SetVar('feedTimer', GetTimeX() + 20000); end -- 20s duration on Feed Pet
function IsFeedPetDone() if (GetVar('feedTimer') < GetTimeX()) then return 1; end return 0; end

-- Check: If pet isn't happy, feed it (see the bagWithPetFood, pet food have to be in the last slot of the bag)
happiness, damagePercentage, loyaltyRate = GetPetHappiness();
if (UnitExists("Pet") and IsFeedPetDone() == 1 and IsInCombat() == 0 and hasPet and UnitHealth("pet") > 0) then
    if (happiness < 3 or loyaltyRate < 0) then
        SetSatusText('Pet is not happy!', 'Feeding the pet...');
        if (IsStanding() == 0) then SitOrStand(); return; end
        CastSpellByName("Feed Pet"); TargetUnit("Pet"); PickupContainerItem(bagWithPetFood-1, GetContainerNumSlots(bagWithPetFood-1));
        -- Set a 20 seconds timer for this check (Feed Pet duration)
        SetFeedTimer(); end

Check: If pet is dead/dismissed then Revive/Call pet:
if (UnitHealth("pet") == 0 and hasPet) then
    SetSatusText('Pet is missing', 'Calling/reviving pet...');
    if (not UnitExists("pet")) then CastSpellByName('Call Pet'); return; end
    if (IsMoving() == 1) then StopMoving(); return; else
        if (IsStanding() == 0) then SitOrStand(); return; end
        __, __, __, __, reviveCost = GetSpellInfoX('Revive Pet');
        if (GetMana(localObj) >= reviveCost) then CastSpellByName('Revive Pet'); else return; end end

Check: Dont pull if pet has lower than 70% HP and out of combat, use mend pet
if (hasPet and UnitHealth("pet")/UnitHealthMax("pet") < 0.70 and IsInCombat() == 0 and UnitHealth("pet") > 0) then
    __, __, __, __, mendCost = GetSpellInfoX('Mend Pet');
    SetSatusText('Pet has lower than 70 procent HP!', 'Mend pet if not in combat...');
    if (IsMoving(localObj)) then StopMoving(); end
    if (IsDrinking() == 0 and GetMana(localObj) >= mendCost) then CastSpellByName("Mend Pet"); return; end

Check: Mend the pet if it has less than 35% HP and we are in combat and pet isn't dead
if (hasPet and UnitHealth("pet")/UnitHealthMax("pet") < 0.35 and IsInCombat() == 1 and UnitHealth("pet") ~= nil) then
    SetSatusText('Pet has lower than 30 percent HP!', 'Mend pet...');
    __, __, __, __, mendCost = GetSpellInfoX('Mend Pet');
    -- Check: If in range to mend the pet
    if (GetDistance(targetObj) < 20 and GetMana(localObj) >= mendCost) then if (IsMoving(localObj) == 1 and GetDistance(targetObj) < 20) then StopMoving(); return; end CastSpellByName("Mend Pet"); return;
    elseif (GetMana(localObj) >= mendCost) then MoveToTarget(targetObj); return; end

  Official download link?
Posted by: derpus - 02-05-2017, 04:08 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hey sorry i was unable to find a "Official download link"
I am going back to ownedcore frequently to check if there has been an update however the newest version is not even on there it is only on discord from what i can see.

  34-38 Alterac Mountains
Posted by: Zeth'Kur - 01-28-2017, 04:17 AM - Forum: 30 to 39 - Replies (2)

This profile I ran with Priest Mage from 34-39, zero deaths.

Attached Files
.xml   Ogres Alterac Mountains 35+.xml (Size: 6.68 KB / Downloads: 224)

Thumbs Up Progress report - report in!
Posted by: Zeth'Kur - 01-26-2017, 10:01 PM - Forum: General - Replies (13)

How is everyone progressing - love to hear where everyone is at in their 1-60 grind.

Currently 34 Mage and 35 Priest, nothing seem's to slow me down!

  Arathi Highlands
Posted by: DarkLinux - 01-25-2017, 06:41 AM - Forum: 30 to 39 - No Replies

Arathi Highlands - 31 to 35 [Mesh]

Not full AFK

Attached Files
.xml   Arathi Highlands - 31 to 35 [Mesh].xml (Size: 463 bytes / Downloads: 189)

  10-20 westfall
Posted by: FaTaLaK47 - 01-24-2017, 10:33 PM - Forum: 10 to 19 - Replies (4)

As of right now I used the basic leveling profile to grind 1-10 
this is my 10-20 path which did fairly well. 
The 10-15 profile I would use from 10-13 or 14. 
The crawlers you farm next are level 14 and a neutral pull which means you will never be biting more than you can chew
I advise you start this profile at 13 for a much easier leveling experience. 
at 16-18 you can easily use the next crawler profile to reach 20-22.
None of these include a vendor profile because of the distance so every now and again make sure to hearth back to the city to sell so you can afford spells.
Enjoy! Smile

EDIT: Remember to turn on your nav mesh which will allow you to easily find your body if you die without needing a ghost path. Very useful Smile
If anyone has any problems just let me know.

Attached Files
.xml   10-15 westfall grave.xml (Size: 3.96 KB / Downloads: 227)
.xml   10-15 westfall.xml (Size: 7.77 KB / Downloads: 289)
.xml   14-18 crawlers lvl 14.xml (Size: 1.13 KB / Downloads: 293)
.xml   17-21 crawlers lvl 17.xml (Size: 2.24 KB / Downloads: 280)

  Beniamin's Rogue Profile (Leveling)
Posted by: Beniamin - 01-23-2017, 10:16 PM - Forum: Rogue - Replies (22)


This is the Rogue profile for Leveling.

Confirmed working dll version: v2.0.17
Latest profile version: v1.0.10
[b]Latest beta profile version: v1.0.12

The UI is bugged, you must open the script, select-all (ctrl+A), copy (ctrl+C), then paste the script in the UI (ctrl+V). Do not open the file through the UI!
[Image: 0O0vilq.png]
- Debugger
- Bot or Rotation mode
- Use food (big list)
- Stealth and Throw openers
- Cooldown usage: Premeditation, Evasion, Vanish, Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush, Cold Blood
- CP generators: Ghostly Strike, Hemorrhage, Sinister Strike
- Dynamic Finisher (based on enemy health and current CP on target)
- Auto apply poisons
- Auto equip thrown weapon

How to use
- First adjust the rotation variables to your preference. Open the profile and adjust the variables. Look at the gray comments for the type of value (string, number, table, boolean).
[Image: hte1bYv.png]
- Variables: eatHealth (player health percent to use food to eat out of combat), throwOpener (use a throw weapon instead of a stealth opener), stealthDistance (distance from enemy to use stealth, it should be a value further than aggro range), dismountRange (range to dismount from the target), mountRange (distance from target to use mount), throwWeapon (what throw weapon in bag to use, can be a table of various weapons), mainHandPoisonName (poisons to apply to main hand, can be a table of various poisons), offHandPoisonName (self explanatory), lowerLevelRange (enemy level range below your current level), upperLevelRange (enemy level range above your current range), potionList (what potions to use in combat, can be a list of potions), usePotionHealth (player health to use potion in combat), bandageList (bandages to use potion, can be a list of bandages), mountBuff (this is the buff name of the mount you wish to use, must be the same mount you enabled on the mount tab). SAVE! Updated for v1.0.6
- Throw openers use throw weapon. Stealth opener uses Cheap Shot > Ambush > Garrote. Recommended to use throw opener for fast aggro.
- After you injected dll, on Main tab select Rotation, create or load a path. Enable Use Mount if you want to use a mount!
- Skip Fish tab
- For Grind tab, adjust pull range
- Skip Combat tab. Our rotation already has a combat rotation.
- Skip Kick, it's buggy.
- For Gather, enable if you wish to gather while you grind.
- For  Mount, select the mount you wish to use, it must have the same buff as mountBuff.
- Copy and paste script in Rotation. Enable Use Script.
- For  Auto Loot & Gather, disable Auto Loot Corpse! We already have a looting system in our rotation.
- For NavMesh, enable Use NavMesh, then load the Mesh.

- Use Riposte (requires proc)
- Auto Talent
- Auto Poison
- Update food list
- Blade Flurry cleave (2 or more enemy aggro)
- Slice and Dice?
- Do not attack non-tagged targets.
- Apply specific poisons on main-hand and off-hand

v1.0.2 - 23/1/2017
v1.0.3 - 26/1/2017
v1.0.4 - 4/2/2017
v1.0.5 - 4/2/2017 *Hotfix*
v1.0.8 - 3/8/2017
v1.0.10 3/22/2017


- Thrown weapon will be equipped if player runs out of knives and has knives in bag.
- Poison should now be refreshed.
- Fixed a bug which profile will use poisons while eating.
- Fixed a bug which would double apply poison consecutively.
- Fixed a bug which the player would not attack target.
- Fixed a facing bug in combat.
- Thrown weapon openers should now always start attacking.
- Fixed an issue which Thrown openers are too close to the target.
- Fixed an issue with fleeing targets. It should use Thrown weapon on fleeing targets.

- Fixed a minor bug trying to apply poisons while looting or eating
- Main hand and off hand poisons can now be changed for personal preference (string)

- Hotfixed a loot bug

- Poisons, throw weapons, and food can now be either a single string or a table of strings
- Removed large food list
- Poison function now checks weapon enchants first
- reorganized out of combat priority (grave, low health, food, looting, vendoring, poisons)
- The profile should mount/dismount properly.
- The profile now properly waits in Stealth/Vanish if enemy is too close
- Cleaned up combat rotation
- Dismounts to apply poisons
- profile now uses potions and bandages
- Enemies are not targeted until a spell is cast
- Bot will now pause if target is an enemy player or an enemy pet or controlled by an enemy player
- Bot will now use Blade Flurry to AoE multiple targets
- Bot will now use Riposte if Riposte ability is on the Action bar (only way to know if you can cast Riposte for now)
- Skinning function added, radius can be adjust for user preference. Will ninja skin others.

- Removed skinning function, it's buggy for now.
- Added CanAmbush() function
- Added ambushOpener variable (boolean)

- debug now draws aggro circles and enemy player circles (you can disable this)
- object management improved
- Player should now run away and/or stealth if potentially dangerous enemy player around (BETA)
- Mob targetting should now find the nearest safe mob (BETA)
- Adrenaline Rush has the option to be used only in AOE
README: safeMobBool will pull the nearest mob that has no other mobs around the radius of the aggro range OR if you have a cleave ability for 2 mobs (no more). This is under testing! avoidPlayerBool will avoid enemy players if they are the same level or higher than you, or they are targetting you. You will avoid them by running the opposite direction and/or stealth. This is also under testing because the movement away will run into walls!

- Fixed a navigation problem
- Fixed AOE function including critters
- Nearest safe mob now filters around enemy players (you won't target enemy pets or mobs around enemy players)

- Fixed an issue while being in combat without a target, causing the bot to freeze
- Throw now has an optional stop time throwStopTime. It stop moving for set seconds after throwing.
- Improved player avoidance
- Added player avoid range
- Improved mob safe pull
- Avoiding player now incorporates targetting mobs out of view of the enemy player
- Added level and pull range for safe pull
- Player should now always dismount while in combat, regardless of a target
- Will soon add a bot shutdown function for GM.
- Looting and eating will be paused if enemy player is nearby
- Fixed Stealth/Vanish move away
- Repair function added (if vendor can repair)

- I don't remember what I changed from version 10.

v1.0.12 (untested)
- README: Anti-ban function serves to shutdown the bot if the player has spontaneously teleported. This version CANNOT be restarted! (once you start the profile, you can't stop then start the profile again).
- mobs are blacklist if around enemy player for blackListTimer (seconds).
- Runs away from nearest mob while stealth/vanished if the nearest mob is NOT the nearest safe mob
- Loot timer function delays the time which the player attempts to loot. This function serves to delay the looting in cases where enemy players are around the loot, causing the player to run back-and-forth towards loot and away from players.
- Added blacklist by mob type.
- Anti-ban function released. This has not been tested.

v1.0.13 (untested)
- fixed some bugs from last version
- added a function to loot mobs in combat if no mobs are currently targetting the player

v1.0.14 (untested)
- MOAR BUG FIXES. The last two version actually don't work, so I removed them.

Attached Files
.lua   Rogue v1.0.7.lua (Size: 26.15 KB / Downloads: 262)
.lua   Rogue v1.0.8.lua (Size: 32.57 KB / Downloads: 180)
.lua   Rogue v1.0.9.lua (Size: 33.47 KB / Downloads: 237)
.lua   Rogue v1.0.14.lua (Size: 39.06 KB / Downloads: 230)
.lua   Rogue v1.0.10.lua (Size: 36.02 KB / Downloads: 666)

  Kolkar farming, thousand needles
Posted by: nengo - 01-23-2017, 04:37 PM - Forum: 20 to 29 - No Replies

Very simple profile, no graveyard and no vendor, it just walks around the kolkar camp of the first quest in thousand needles. I use it with the meshes and runs pretty smooth with my caster.

Attached Files
.xml   1000needles kolkars.xml (Size: 7.45 KB / Downloads: 209)

  Undead Profile Pack 10-18
Posted by: tuesday451` - 01-23-2017, 02:39 PM - Forum: 10 to 19 - Replies (1)

Very simple pathing xmls.  No vendor walking, and at time of creating had no GY restores.  Primarily used with Mage.  Warlock could use these too, but my Warrior got it's ass kicked.

Veterans: Looking for advice on how to fix up and create better profiles for the community!

Others: Enjoy

Attached Files
.zip   Undead Pack10-18.zip (Size: 8.07 KB / Downloads: 355)