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Posted by: zerger - 10-18-2017, 04:25 PM - Forum: 30 to 39 - No Replies

by MrMagoo

Attached Files
.xml   Dustwallow_Raptors_35-37.xml (Size: 5.94 KB / Downloads: 174)

Posted by: zerger - 10-18-2017, 04:23 PM - Forum: 20 to 29 - No Replies

by MrMagoo

Attached Files
.xml   1k_Needles_28-30.xml (Size: 6.83 KB / Downloads: 201)

Posted by: zerger - 10-18-2017, 04:21 PM - Forum: 10 to 19 - No Replies

by MrMagoo

Attached Files
.xml   Camp_Tarajo_lvl_19-21_i_think.xml (Size: 16.44 KB / Downloads: 217)

Exclamation Allways Disconects
Posted by: dastr - 10-15-2017, 11:56 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (6)

Some how i allways get disconected from server if i use a warlock with the bot.. the others work smooth for hours without disconects.. they happen all 5min somtimes all 30 sek. i tried deleting all the wbd wtf folders in the bot and in the client.. but still the same problem.. if i lvl a lv1 there are no disconects... it happens the most of the time while walking... tested with public profile and still the same(to test if my paths are broken)  i inject via CE or Extreme Injector always at the login screen.. but also thested via in game... always had a 2nd account running to test the server disconects on the 2nd account but its fine all the time if i dont use warlock... the disconects only happen if bot is running.. playing without bot works smooth for hours.. i play on elysium 

ingame settings:
all standart only changed in window mode

wich settings i enabled in the bot:
Main: rotation
Fish; nothing
Grind: nothing
Combat: nothing
Kick: nothing
Gather: nothing
Mount: nothing
Vendor: in delete only one item
Morph: nothing
Hacks: nothing
Rotation: checked Use Script / past in the script
Auto Loot and Gather: nothing
Lua: only the standart script
NavMesh: nothing
Debug: Draw Path

  Elysium mmap files
Posted by: Cil2 - 10-14-2017, 04:01 PM - Forum: General - No Replies


Is there a way to use the mmap/mmtile files from the latest Elysium bropack in the bot?
Maybe through massaging the Elysium files a bit.

I tried loading them in their raw state but it looks like the files are skipped by oGasai.
As far as I can see, the mmap files are different only on the last 4 byte segment, but using oGasai mmap files with Elysium mmtile files didn't work either.

What Im specifically looking for is fixes for areas with incomplete boundries around impasable terrain (e.g. hills in barrens) and map data for instances.

  Shadow Madness
Posted by: brogok - 09-24-2017, 12:01 AM - Forum: Priest - Replies (4)

I have added on to Zerger's simple priest rotation.  This shadow rotation works very well.  I have been testing it myself and have zero issues.  Change the settings as you see fit.  I will not help with setting this up as it should work perfectly.  I will continue to update the rotation until I hit 60.  I hope you all enjoy.  This rotation is meant to work with a wand after level 10.  I suggest you use Zerger's simple priest rotation before that.

I have hit 60 and no longer use this rotation.  I will probably not update this again.  This rotation worked perfectly for me at the final version.  I was getting 30k exp an hour.  I suggest stacking spirit and buying the best wand you can.

-- Almost all of this rotation was done by zerger I added some things for shadow - Brogok

-- Shadow Madness 1.7 Final Version
  -- Tweaked the logic of some spells.
  -- Updated blacklist options
  -- Tweaked the code a bit.
  -- Added Stoneform support for poison **Dwarf only**

-- Shadow Madness 1.6
   -- Added Inner Focus support for Mind Blast
   -- Added Draw text for blacklist
   -- Changed draw text position

-- Shadow Madness v1.5
   -- Changed some timings; cleaned up the code a bit.
   -- Added wand attack speed setting
   -- Added self Dispel support.  Debuffs must be specified in settings.

-- Shadow Madness v1.4
   -- Added Zerger's blacklist support
   -- Added Fear support

-- Shadow Madness v1.3
   -- Added Shadowform logic to cast healing spells

-- Shadow Madness v1.2
   -- Added Dispel target support

-- Shadow Madness v1.1
   -- Added Vampiric Embrace support
   -- Added Shadowform support
   -- Added Health potion support from Benjamins rogue rotation

-- Shadow Madness v1.0    
   -- Added Mind Flay support
   -- Added Desperate Prayer support **Human and Dwarf only**
   -- Added Fear Ward support **Dwarf only**
   -- Added Shadow Protection support

The rotation pulls with Devouring plague, if you have it, or Shadow Word: Pain.  The rotation then uses Mind Blast if above a certain mana threshold.  The rotation then uses Mind Flay if you have it set to do so in the settings.  The rotation also uses Vampiric Embrace if you want it to do so.  I have also added support for Fear Ward, Desperate Prayer, Shadow Protection, and the rotation will dispel a buff, that you must designate,  on your target.  The rotation also has support for Shadowform.

Here are the options I have added:
mindflayMana = 60; -- Mind Flay if we are above a certain mana threshold
DispelSpell = "Wild Regeneration"; -- Name of the spell you want dispeled on the target
mindFlay = true; -- Mark as true if you have and want to use Mind Flay.
desperatePrayer = true; -- Will cast Desperate Prayer if you are below 10% health if you have it. **Only available to a Dwarf or Human**
fearWard = false; -- Will buff you with fear ward if you have it. **Only available to a Dwarf**
shadowProt = false; -- Will buff you with Shadow Protection.
vEmbrace = true; -- Will use Vampiric Embrace if you have it.
sForm = false;  -- Will buff you with Shadowform if you have it.
mobType = 0; -- Blacklist mobs by their creature type, 0=attack all 1=beasts 2=dragonkin 3=demon 4=elementals 5=giant 6=undead 7=humanoids
useFear = true; -- Casts Psychic Scream if you are being attacked by >= to two mobs
wandTime = 1.9; -- Wand attack speed
disease = ""; -- Disease debuff to dispell on yourself
magic = ""; -- Magic debuff to dispell on yourself
poison = ""; -- Poison debuff to use stoneform on **Only available to a dwarf**

Gif of the rotation in action:

Attached Files
.lua   Shadow Madness v1.7.lua (Size: 29.84 KB / Downloads: 395)

  Needed rotation features (coding challenge)
Posted by: zerger - 08-22-2017, 04:16 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (4)

if you want to write some code which could be used in all rotations:

Panic mode:

If friendly player is near you longer than x seconds -> stopbot for x seconds and eat

If friendly player is near you longer than x seconds  or targets you for longer than  x sec-> stopbot or logoff

If friendly player is near you longer than x seconds  or targets you for longer than  x sec or dismounts near-> stopbot or logoff

same for hostile player

- some blacklist logic for mobs you dont want to be attacked (atm you can use GetCreatureTypeIndex to exclude these mobs)

- farming logic(ores herbs), according to darklinux its possible with current bot functions

- a resurrect logic that avoids mobs (is worked on by beninamin and me - almost done)

- a logic thats detects if the bot is stuck

- a logic that detects if the target is not losing hp (bugged)

- a use scrolls logic (like the one for pots) could be used with the "Panic mode" -> buff when player is near to look less fake Wink

  20-24 Redridge Orc
Posted by: Zulu - 08-04-2017, 11:20 PM - Forum: 20 to 29 - No Replies

This is my first attempt at a path so bare with me. This is a Blackrock Orc Farm that is usually unpopulated even on elysium during peak times and I do not often run into Horde here either. It is near the south east side of Redridge so a bit of walking is required to get to it but remote area makes it better In my opinion.

I ran this on a mage but it should work with most characters that can do any type of ranged pull. 
I used Frostbite 1.6 Rotation and was able to handle this with my mage. I did move the pull range to 40 to prevent wondering to a pack of 3. Mage was able to handle the first time but the second time Evocation was on CD and he died (level 22). Hope this works out for everyone. Any tips are appreciated.

Also there is a vendor right in the middle of the camp so you can take back over your run and clear your inv along with a repair/skinning trainer to the north

Attached Files
.xml   20-24 Redridge Orcs.xml (Size: 4.11 KB / Downloads: 180)

  20-26 - Southern Barrens
Posted by: Jesterhead - 07-26-2017, 12:54 PM - Forum: 20 to 29 - No Replies

as the title mentioned...

+long road
+ideal in combination with skinning + Beastslayer enchant

- the beginning can bug out (rar)
- several other players

#don't bot afk

Attached Files
.xml   20-26_Southern Barrens.xml (Size: 22.34 KB / Downloads: 190)

  Northwatch Hold (~ 16 - 21)
Posted by: vlky - 07-22-2017, 07:08 PM - Forum: 10 to 19 - No Replies

Grind Humans @ Northwatch Hold.

Includes a ressurection path. Requires some more complex mechanics in your rotation script because there are healer mobs. Any rotation should focus on the healer first as well as interrupting heals.

Attached Files
.xml   northwatch hold.xml (Size: 8.08 KB / Downloads: 238)