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Make bot to not attack totems - ejaboz - 12-06-2017

Hi is there any specific script to get the character to ignore attacking totems?
I already have setPVE(1) and enemyFaction = "Horde"; -- Set to "Horde" if you play Alliance

RE: Make bot to not attack totems - Logitech - 12-07-2017

The SetPVE(1) only works if you use GetNearestEnemy() I think.

I don't know any way else than using the WoW Api on the current target for checking if they are player controlled.

The enemyFaction is just a string used in a check I've made...

if (UnitFactionGroup("target") == enemyFaction) then
-- Don't attack

But for this you have the target you wanna check as a real target in your UI, then use the GetTarget() function.

if(GetTarget() ~= 0) then
if (UnitFactionGroup("target") == enemyFaction) then
-- Dont attack this target, pause or whatever