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Quest leveling (not a joke) - Nonstopich - 05-09-2019

The idea is simple: to implement another bot mode - questing.
Not to be unfounded I will leave here a video, which shows the "primitive" implementation of this process on Wotlk.

My Mooo-girl will make few quest for you.

The video clearly shows that the character does not know how to bypass obstacles.
I'm from Russia, so sorry for link to ya.ru.

But even this is not the main problem  Big Grin 

How to get from the Red Cloud Mesa to the pig on the this quest ? Navigation system from oGossai can help us.
I want to try to use the opportunity oGassai.

You may ask: how are profiles created for the performance of tasks?

I wrote a small application that uses the MySQL DB home server.

The application is looking for the ID of the required quest in the database, determines who gives the task, who accepts it.
And if in the task you need to kill + loot from th mob or loot from the object, remember where and from whom it can be obtained.
Saves this information to a LUA file that can be used already in script code.

How do you think? I want to hear the opinion of the developers. I want to find partners Smile
Logitech, We are not familiar, but I think it will interest you  Rolleyes

Best Regards,

RE: Quest leveling (not a joke) - zerger - 05-16-2019

thats a good idea and a nice start into a questing module.
swing by discord to discuss it further