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Relog-Snippet - m0use0ver - 10-14-2019

Hey there, dear community.

First of all thank you Darkenedlinux for developing this masterpiece.
oGasai works perfectly for me on Kronos 1.12 server.

But.. it doesn't seem to work perfectly for them^^
Recently when I was testing oGasai - and totally amazed by it's capabilities - I got my accounts banned on Kronos.
lol x))

I figured that it took the server about 10 minutes to point out the bots, since all of them got caught at the same time after starting.
So now I figured my workaround for this issue, and would like to share it. I added a script for auto-logoff, and perform a relog with another program.
I added the following script to my Combat Profile LUA files of oGasai:

function script_mage:relog()
    --Kronos seems to detect out bots after 10 minutes. Use this with relog function of vanilla botter
    self.waitTimer = GetTimeEX() + 30000;
    self.message = "Performing /logout command Wink";

After the character is logged off, another Botter(Vanilla Botter - nulled https://www.nulled.to/topic/120738-vanillabotter-for-1121-cracked/) handles the relog.
It works for multiple bots at the same time, and I am already happily botting since 12 hours AFK.
Let's see how long it lasts this time^^

Btw, would it be possible to add such a function to oGasai in future?
Auto-Relog and panic-timer.

Kind Greetz