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Allways Disconects
Some how i allways get disconected from server if i use a warlock with the bot.. the others work smooth for hours without disconects.. they happen all 5min somtimes all 30 sek. i tried deleting all the wbd wtf folders in the bot and in the client.. but still the same problem.. if i lvl a lv1 there are no disconects... it happens the most of the time while walking... tested with public profile and still the same(to test if my paths are broken)  i inject via CE or Extreme Injector always at the login screen.. but also thested via in game... always had a 2nd account running to test the server disconects on the 2nd account but its fine all the time if i dont use warlock... the disconects only happen if bot is running.. playing without bot works smooth for hours.. i play on elysium 

ingame settings:
all standart only changed in window mode

wich settings i enabled in the bot:
Main: rotation
Fish; nothing
Grind: nothing
Combat: nothing
Kick: nothing
Gather: nothing
Mount: nothing
Vendor: in delete only one item
Morph: nothing
Hacks: nothing
Rotation: checked Use Script / past in the script
Auto Loot and Gather: nothing
Lua: only the standart script
NavMesh: nothing
Debug: Draw Path
it has somthing to do with pets.. if hunter or warlock pets are casted abd the bot navigates to a new destiny i get a disconect.. the problem is the pet. can someone post his bot and client settings settings please? maybe i checked a false option...
not Solved
how did you solve it?
Thats a good question! I have the same Problems with a Hunter and no Plan to solve this. What do you change (in the Rotation)?
sorry for the late response...
i thougt it was solved i changed the client(tpb to kronos)
the first 4houres no disconects but after that i got again disconects...
sorry guys for the bad news i think its a bug in the bot it self...
its only possible to run the bot without disconects if you edit your CR to run without a pet..
Hello my hunter script instantly disconnected , I think we send to many "macro commands" to the server / second or something...

I added some timers for delaying the iterations, like 250 ms delay in each iteration then it works Smile No dc.

function SetWaitTimer(x) SetVar('waitTimer', GetTimeX() + (x*1000)); end -- Sets the script to wait x seconds
function Wait() if (GetVar('waitTimer') == 0) then return 1; end if (GetVar('waitTimer') < GetTimeX()) then return 1; end return 0; end
function GetWaitTime() return (GetVar('waitTimer')-GetTimeX())/1000; end

if (Wait() == 0) then SetSatusText('Wait-timer has been set:', 'Waiting ' .. GetWaitTime() .. ' s...'); return; end

After we Navigate() add a small delay:

        -- Navigate
        if (Navigate() == 1) then SetWaitTimer(0.2); return; end end

Also when looting:

    -- Check: Loot if we can
    if (canLoot and Loot() == 1) then SetWaitTimer(0.2); return;
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