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Shaman 1.2b (w/ totems)
i've had a hard time with those totems, it should be so simple, but the bot sometimes did landed the totems, sometimes it didn't....

now it seems to be working properly, so i decided to release, but consider it as a beta, feedback would be nice <3 

-- Version 1.1 and beyond modified by SomebodyFound
-- from original 1.0 Logitech work
-- V1.1
-- -fixed: walking stuttering for low level shamans
-- -added: new drinking logic with driking lists
-- -added: new eating logic with drinking lists
-- -added: new potion logic with potion lists
-- -added: new bandage logic with bandage lists
-- all logics implemented from beniamin rogue's rotation
-- V1.2b
-- -added: totems
-- -added: now you can choose wich elemental shock
-- will be used (earth by default)
-- -added: flame shock will be used to renew the debuff
-- (toggleable)
-- -added: ice shock may now be used to renew debuff
-- (toggleable, false by default)
-- V1.3
-- -added: Lightning bolt is now toggleable
-- -added: air totem
-- -fixed: bandage wasn't working as intended
-- -added: stormstrike (toggleable, false by default)

have fun!

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.lua   Shaman.lua (Size: 26.38 KB / Downloads: 232)
If a mob is buggy and is standing inside a wall my shaman will try to attack the target anyway and stay there the whole night
Is there any way to make my bot remove target and move on to a new target?
Maybe make it so if i bot got target and is in range but no damage in or out then cleer target and move on?
Thanks <3

-- Check: If we can attack the target or not
if (CanAttack(targetObj) == 0) then
if (GetTarget() == targetObj) then
is this for caster?
it's for enhancement
Quick question. My toon wont cast healing wave on himself. tried to figure it out in the rotation but had no luck. any advice?

Solved did not have auto self cast on. gg
Hi, I'm using your rotation but my shaman is pulling way too close (10-15yrd) with lightning bolts and stutters to them. Can it be made to pull from 25 yrd away and cast just one ? I know the new ogasai version solved this issue but I can incorporate their scripts, perhaps you can get something from them ?

Edit: After I added StopMoving(); after lightning bolt and return my bot now behaves more wisely!! Yay I actually fixed it Big Grin

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