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Mage 1.8
added the same modifications i made to 1.6 from logitech to his 1.7 version
with some new things

-- The original 1.7 and before were made by Logitech
-- Version 1.8 by SomebodyFound
-- -added: Bandage logic
-- -added: Potion logic
-- -added: new eat logic
-- -added: new drink logic
-- all new logics are based on beniamin's rogue rotation
-- -fixed: won't try to conjure food or drink when inventory is full
-- -fixed: getStatus() now has a default return to avoid 'nil' problems
-- -added: will now also try to conjure crystal water
-- -added: cone of cold (toggleable, false by default)
-- -modified: now the information text will be shown on the left/top corner of screen

have fun! Smile

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.lua   Mage.lua (Size: 37.77 KB / Downloads: 357)
please dont name your files "mage.lua" Big Grin
i think logitech is also editing his mage rotation for the new version, maybe talk to him about proper file naming policy
it's the name i use on my folder, every rotation i use i name after the class it's related to, that way i know exactly where to look when i'm loading them... it's no big deal

but it'd really be necessary to rename it just to upload here? .-. it's more confortable to just upload the file i use and share it with the community (if they feel like using my versions...)

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