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Classic - oGasai 2.1.23 - Grind, Follow, Gather, Fish
New release for oGasai 2.1.23 (dll included)
  • New windows for the grinder's menu and combat scripts. The menus are simplified and better arranged now.
  • Fixed an annoying bug with timers that froze the bot/combat scripts when using it for the first time.
  • Mage conjuring water/food fixed, stands up now...
  • I've added some functionality, made it easier to use auto path.
  • Added auto talent picker, see script_talent.lua
  • Added gather while grinding, herb/mining
  • Improved the vendor script
  • Added a hotspot database, see scripts\\db\\hotspotDB.lua
  • Added more target creature selections.
  • Added a new more advanced unstuck script with a new .dll (2019-04-16)
It's only been tested with the latest oGasai 2.1.23. So I've included the .dll in a .rar archive. The file coremenu.lua is also included, so be careful not to overwrite your own if you wish to save it.

Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5..._04_18.rar

Mmaps download: mmaps: https://mega.nz/#!g0U2xI4a!aoJICAY34DLvM...Xz4J3rg9dM

[Image: update.png]

Old release described below, see script files attached...

Releases for oGasai 2.1.x

I will post and update all my scripts for the new framework in this thread. Be sure to use the latest oGasai version (right now 2.1.12)!

New to my grinder:
Simple vendor:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=205]

Auto pathing enabled by default. It will create path nodes of dead valid mob's locations with 60 yards in between. Move to a hotspot and make sure to increase pull distance.

Added hotspots. Generally your start up location will be set as a hotspot. Then you can change Distance to hotspot to grind closer/further away from that hotspot.
You can also add static level-range hotspots in script_nav.lua. There is one example there.

You can also manually enter walk path file. E.g. paths\1-5 UD.xml If you want a specific path to auto load on start up just edit the pathName in script_grind_logitech.lua. But disable auto pathing to use walk path.

Simple vendor looks for vendors in vendorDB.lua in your current zone (you have to add vendors).
All items that you had when you started the bot will be saved to a keep list (won't be sold).
The hunter script will look for ammo vendor when only 1 stack of ammo is left. (Will buy the same ammo we currently use.) Again you have to add ammo vendors.
If a sell vendor can repair it will do that too. See script_vendor.lua for more functions.

How to use:
  1. Put the scripts in the folder //scripts// (at least script_grind_logitech , script_nav , script_helper and a combat script)
  2. Add these lines INSIDE the isSetup-if-statement in //core//coremenu.lua for the scripts to load at start up (comment out the default grinder & mage script): or use my coremenu.lua
-- Load the grinder
LoadScript("Logitech's Grinder", "scripts\\script_grind_logitech.lua");
AddScriptToMode("Logitech's Grinder", "script_grind");

-- Load the follower
LoadScript("Logitech's Follower", "scripts\\script_follow.lua");
AddScriptToMode("Logitech's Follower", "script_follow");

-- Include the vendor

-- Load combat scripts
LoadScript("Frostbite - Mage", "scripts\\script_mage_frostbite.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Frostbite - Mage", "script_mage");
LoadScript("Hidden - Rogue", "scripts\\script_rogue_hidden.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Hidden - Rogue", "script_rogue");
LoadScript("Beastmaster - Hunter", "scripts\\script_hunter_beastmaster.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Beastmaster - Hunter", "script_hunter");
LoadScript("Shadowmaster - Warlock", "scripts\\script_warlock_shadowmaster.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Shadowmaster - Warlock", "script_warlock");
LoadScript("Fury - Warrior", "scripts\\script_warrior_fury.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Fury - Warrior", "script_warrior");
LoadScript("Ret - Paladin", "scripts\\script_paladin_ret.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Ret - Paladin", "script_paladin");
LoadScript("Disc - Priest", "scripts\\script_priest_disc.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Disc - Priest", "script_priest");
LoadScript("Enhance - Shaman", "scripts\\script_shaman_enhance.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Enhance - Shaman", "script_shaman");
LoadScript("Feral - Druid", "scripts\\script_druid_feral.lua");
AddScriptToCombat("Feral - Druid", "script_druid");
  3. Add these lines BELOW the isSetup-if-statement in //core//coremenu.lua for the menu's to load, or use my coremenu.lua:
-- Add the Grinder Menu

-- Add the Follow Menu

-- Add vendor options to the menu

-- Add combat script menus
Text("Combat Script Settings");
      4. Make sure you got the mmaps: https://mega.nz/#!g0U2xI4a!aoJICAY34DLvM...Xz4J3rg9dM
      5. Start WoW and attach oGasai 2.1.x, then log into the server and into the game
      6. Select my grinder, select a combat script, walk to spot where you want to grind (auto path) or load/create a walk path
      7. See the Grinder's and Combat Script's options, change the ones you need (can be changed while the script is running too)
      8: Push run
  • Navigation functions are located in script_nav.lua
  • Auto pathing is on by default
  • Eat, drink, mount and potion logics are located in script_helper.lua
  • The nav mesh loads automatically when you start the grinder
  • Anti-stuck works pretty well, requires the log out if stuck feature to be enabled
  • Paranoia options exists: Players within range and/or if we get targeted
  • Target selection options e.g.: Skip certain creatures and/or elites
  • Avoid elites option, can be a bit messy in some situations, but it basically just moving away if an elite is within the avoid range
  • Eat/drink/potion feature: Tries to use any food, potion or drink that you can buy from vendors or get from mages (see script_helper.lua)
  • Mount feature: Tries to mount any mount that is obtainable (see script_helper.lua), including mount with spells (warlock , paladin)
  • Blacklisting targets such as player pets and totems (called in the combat scripts)
  • Displays info about players and monster on screen (name, type, distance, level)
  • Auto accept group invite
  • Follows the leader
  • If you follow with a priest it will heal and buff the group, other classes dps for now (will add more buffs, options)
  • Use together with my combat scripts
    How to use:
    1. Choose Mode Follower 2. Choose Combat script 3. Push run
Frostbite - Mage
Basically a copy of my mage script for oGasai 2.0.17, added potion logic.
Written for frost talents, at level 40 you should get Ice Barrier e.g.: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#oZZMAGco0tVo

Hidden - Rogue
Basically a copy of my rogue script for oGasai 2.0.17.
Written for combat talents, perhaps: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fbxfoxZMhEz0Vzxfo (will work with e.g. Hemo build too)
If you have the skill Riposte, put it in one of your action bars for the script to recognize when it's ready for use.

Beastmaster - Hunter
Basically a copy of my hunter script for oGasai 2.0.17, added feign death and potion logic.
Written for Beastmaster talents, perhaps: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cE0GzxgRtVVoZh
If you don't change the options put your quiver/ammo punch in your most left bag slot and pet food in the second most left bag's last slot.
See this picture below:

Shadowmaster - Warlock
Basically a copy of my warlock script for oGasai 2.0.17, added use of healthstone and potions.
Written for Affliction/Demonology talents, perhaps: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IE0ihMboVZ0gh0xxo

Fury - Warrior
Basically a copy of my warrior script for oGasai 2.0.17, added use of potions.
Written for Fury talents without stance dancing, perhaps: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LVG0bhbZVV0VgxoVo
If you dont change overpower action bar number, put Overpower in battlestance bar number 5:

Ret - Paladin
I've never played a paladin but I think I understand the rotation by checking out Zerger's basic pala script for 2.0.17.
I've added LoH, BoP, Divine Protection and potion logic. Combo logic for HoJ -> SoC -> Judgement.
Possible talent build using this rotation: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxxubMZZVfxtbfV (Ret Aura, BoW)
Or this build: https://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZxhZVfctbfq (Sanctity , BoW)

Disc - Priest
Simple priest script uses: renew, shield, all heals at different thresh holds, smite, shadow word pain, mind blast and the UD damage spell.
Fears with Psychic Scream if more than one enemy attacks us. Uses the wand a lot.
Much can probably be added to this script, e.g. Shadowform logics.

Enhance - Shaman
Simple shaman script for enhancement:
Weapon Enchants: WF > Flametongue > Rockbiter | Totem: Strength of the Earth Totem > Grace of Air Totem | Healing: Lesser Healing Wave > Healing Wave
Pulls with lightning ball, attacks with Stormstrike. Uses Earth Shock when the target uses spells. Buffs with Lightning Shield.

Feral - Druid
Simple druid script for cat form. Should work from level 1-60. I've tested it from level 1-10 and on a 60 druid.
Using heals: Healing Touch, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Buffing Mark of the Wild, Thorns, Tiger's Fury.

  • Add logic for mount with spells, e.g. warlock / paladin in script_helper.lua
  • Logic for not switching between multiple targets within melee range
  • Code vendor functions (simple sell/repair buy works)
  • Translate my other class scripts from 2.0.17 to this framework
  • Detect if we are swimming before mounting or resting (IsSwimming() not working, should be fixed in the next version of oGasai)
  • Correct bugs, post bugs in this thread please

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.lua   script_grind_logitech.lua (Size: 34.42 KB / Downloads: 1,112)
.lua   script_nav.lua (Size: 23.71 KB / Downloads: 990)
.lua   script_mage_frostbite.lua (Size: 19.76 KB / Downloads: 833)
.lua   script_rogue_hidden.lua (Size: 16.25 KB / Downloads: 757)
.lua   script_hunter_beastmaster.lua (Size: 25.42 KB / Downloads: 740)
.lua   script_helper.lua (Size: 8.9 KB / Downloads: 864)
.lua   script_warlock_shadowmaster.lua (Size: 17.88 KB / Downloads: 750)
.lua   script_warrior_fury.lua (Size: 11.78 KB / Downloads: 736)
.lua   script_paladin_ret.lua (Size: 18.38 KB / Downloads: 668)
.lua   script_priest_disc.lua (Size: 11.4 KB / Downloads: 739)
.lua   script_shaman_enhance.lua (Size: 11.31 KB / Downloads: 676)
.lua   coremenu.lua (Size: 4.33 KB / Downloads: 965)
.lua   script_follow.lua (Size: 24.46 KB / Downloads: 746)
.lua   script_vendor.lua (Size: 14.53 KB / Downloads: 819)
.lua   vendorDB.lua (Size: 5.38 KB / Downloads: 830)
.lua   script_druid_feral.lua (Size: 19.3 KB / Downloads: 676)
.lua   script_talent.lua (Size: 11.73 KB / Downloads: 20)
.lua   script_runner.lua (Size: 16.86 KB / Downloads: 20)
Small update:
- Fixed targeting in UI for mage, but polymorph add is buggy atm...  Edit: (fixed polymorph now)
- Fixed the looting a bit, still problems when there are more corpse than one on the same spot ("already looted")

I think you should redownload all 4 scripts files to be sure that the scripts works...

If you just want a good working script I suggest you to use oGasai 2.0.17 and the scripts in the rotation sections.

Edit: The mage script runs pretty smooth now. Trying to fix wands...
Updated my scripts:
- added hunter script.
- mage script, fixed the use of wands (bug sometimes the mob appears to be alive when its dead and i wands the corpse?)

- improved the looting
- improved target assignment
- added skip loot option
- added combat script status display

edit: just updated the hunter script small fix for meele before we get pet

edit 2: small update, now we reset the move path after reaching the loot target, sometimes the navigattion got stuck
While you are swimming your speed changes, maybe you can use that for swim detection.
Using 2.1.2. Added scripts to /scripts
edited /coremenu.lua
The game crashes as soon as i press UI -> Menu
Any idea why?
(12-07-2017, 07:31 PM)snow Wrote: Using 2.1.2. Added scripts to /scripts
edited /coremenu.lua
The game crashes as soon as i press UI -> Menu
Any idea why?

Ye, probably cause some of the scripts contains the character: %

Download the latest oGasai and you should befine 2.1.7: http://darkenedlinux.com/uploads/oGasai/...02.1.7.zip

Edit: Just updated the hunter script, now stops on full inventory if enabled.
The mage script seems to be working very nice. The only error i have encountered so far, is when my character gets killed by enemy faction, it gives an LUA error (check image), and it wont resurrect. The resurrect works just fine, if its just a mob who kills the toon though.

[Image: 6jgg7r.jpg]
Updated grinder: (you have to redownload scipt_nav.lua too)
- Added avoid elite option (runs away if an elite is within the avoid range)

Updated the hunter script:
- Small fixes

Try the hunter script out, runs pretty smooth now Smile
Update grinder and all class scripts:

When we detect that the target is a player/pet or totem, we add the target GUID to a black list. For now It displays the GUID for blacklisted targets for debug.

So the target assign function won't target a blacklisted target again... No more pausing at totems, no more following player pets Smile

Update the grinder and the class script if you want this feature.

(12-09-2017, 12:07 PM)kxrxh Wrote: The mage script seems to be working very nice. The only error i have encountered so far, is when my character gets killed by enemy faction, it gives an LUA error (check image), and it wont resurrect. The resurrect works just fine, if its just a mob who kills the toon though.

[Image: 6jgg7r.jpg]

Probably my unstuck feature logged you out, then you get that error when you log back in... (Before opening the bot menu)
Updated all my scripts for the new oGasai 2.1.8 version. Be sure to download script_helper.lua

- Now the nav mesh is automatically loaded when you push run
- New mount logic, will check for any mount (TODO spell mounts) , script_helper.lua
- New eat/drink logic will check for anything you can buy from vendors and mage conjures, script_helper.lua

Edit: Updated the grinder script 2017-12-11 13:14, small fix to target selection and paranoid function.
Edit 2: Added spell mount support for warlock paladin

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