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Classic - oGasai 2.1.23 - Grind, Follow, Gather, Fish
(05-29-2019, 04:38 PM)Logitech Wrote: fixed this bug:

It works! THank you.

What about bug with selling Thick Leather? Why bot doesn't see it? Is it bug of bot rather than script?
Been running a 3 man party with classic follower...

Pretty bad, it crashes every 5 mins, the priest seems to run ok, but combinations of Paladin, warlock, mage or hunter just bug out every 5 mins its infuriating tbh.

Stick to two mans I think, which is a shame as I wanted to see if it could run 5 mans.
Hello after switching the privat server from Lightshope to Kronos3 i have 2 issues with Ogasai and your Scripts (Logitech)
I am using the latest version checking daily on Github for updates.

now my issues:
1. Skinning used to work, now on Kronos 3 never working (at all)
2. Looting works strange now, before no issues at all. On Kronos 3 it goes like: bot kills a mob, turns around targets next mob and walks towards the next mob the "out of combat" message apears, but turns around, targets the previous (killed) mob and loots it, then returns to target the next mob and so forth...

Can you please help me with this? If this is a difficult thing as some mentioned to me on discord including heavy debugging of some memory addresses,
is there somehow a "workaround" to make skinning work right now? e.g. somewhere after looting put a right mouse click / interact with last target and a sleep into your script, so it uses the skinning? I know its not a proper way to fix it, but it would be a "working" workaround for now.

kind regards,
I want button for clearing blacklist. I don't know why but sometimes good mobs are filling to list. Sad
the new wow is a 64 bit exe , how can it work ?
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