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Cat Form grinding v0.3 (2.1.7)
preface: I've never used Lua before and didn't bother looking up documentation before copypasting this combat routine together. If you use this script and make some changes please post them here so I can see what I did wrong, it helps everyone out in the end. Also, if someone can enlighten me on how to have the bot skin mobs that would be wonderful.

With my current gear and the mobs I'm botting this setup is 100% self sufficient with 0 downtime. Most healing is done on the run with rejuv and if mana ever drops low enough it'll pop innervate which has a short 6 minute cooldown.

Current flow goes like this:
  1. Checks for and buffs Omen of Clarity/Thorns/Mark of the Wild
  2. Pops rejuv if under 80% hp, regrowth if under 65%
  3. Switches to cat if hp % is high enough or currently affected by regrowth
  4. pulls with faerie fire (feral) at 30 yards then closes distance
  5. spams claw at 40 energy or if clearcasting proccd, ferocious bite at 5 combo
  6. shifts out mid combat to regrowth if health drops under 65%, healing touch if under 40%
What I'd like to add in future versions:
  • food/drink options
  • skinning
To use cat form for movement instead of running around or mounting, make the following changes to script_grind.lua:
add the variable "isCat = true" at the top with all the others and set "use mount" to false, then find this bit of code:
        if(self.useMount and not IsMounted()) then
            self.message = "Mounting";
            if(RunMountScript()) then
            return --FIX, return not working (Could be in water, need to move)

and duplicate it right below with some modifications like so:
        if(self.isCat and not self.useMount) then
            self.message = "Going back to cat";
            if(not localObj:HasBuff('Cat Form')) then
                Cast('Cat Form', localObj);

0.1 - initial attempt
0.2 - fixed spam shifting
0.3 - combat healing implemented

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