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Frostbite for oGasai 2.0.17 - Level Bot
I release my latest and last version of this script for oGasai 2.0.17 since Darklinux released a new framework.

P.s. I've got a grinder and mage/rogue script working for the new oGasai version but they don't run that smooth yet...

Attached Files
.lua   Frostbite 1.7.lua (Size: 34.87 KB / Downloads: 124)
Been using this for a couple days now from lvl 1 to 25, a few minor hiccups but not much. Thanks for making this great rotation.
what can i do to get the bot to not get stuck when inventory is full?

edit: sorry i didn't see the boolean at the top for it. the 88 range was messing my paths up

amazing script btw! thank you for your work
Uses my Mage´s food but not the drink, how do I fix that?

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