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Improved Logitech's Grinder for oGasai 2.1.x
Improved Logitech's Grinder with more features

This is based on Logitech's Grinder from his post: Logitech's Releases for oGasai 2.1.x [01-15-2018]

Credits to Logitech, for his incredible work, which inspired me to write my own routines and scripts.
I have just hit level 60 on my first botted character, thanks to Logitechs scripts. 
On my journey to hit max level i've learned simple lua commands, and i have got more familiar with WoW's lua api. I have made some changes to Logitech's script along the way, which i deem to be good enough to share with this community.

Keep in mind, my contributions may not be optimized properly, as i have never done any scripting, or coding prior to my experiences with oGasai.

Added features:
  • Reworked the layout, to hide some stuff when not needed.
  • Added more types to skip pulling. (rares, mechanical, dragonkin ect.)
  • Added buttons to manually blacklist mobs.
  • Added blacklisting method based on name of the mob.
  • Added option to stop the bot from pulling mobs targeting other players. (AoE grinders ect.)
  • Added option to stop the bot from pulling mobs other players target. (don't steal mobs from other players before they pull.)
  • Added option to stop pulling stacked mobs, which is close enough to pull each other(multiple mobs on pull), this is working, but the bot runs into them which is bad.
  • Added support for dynamic pulling in combat routines. (automatic choose ranged/melee pull method, more info below.)
  • Added a function to return the targets aggro range. (script_grind:calculateAggroRadius(targetObj))
These features helped me a lot, as the bot was easier to control, and made less contact with other players than otherwise.

Dynamic pulling
"If we, the player, is standing at the targets location, will we aggro additional mobs?"
I've added the function
which will return true if it is best to use ranged, instead of melee pull.
It basically checks if we can charge a mob, without aggroing surrounding mobs. If not, then we ranged pull.
It's very useful for all melee classes. There is an example of this function in the modified rogue script, found in the attachments.

Example script
The rogue script is based on Logitech's rogue combat routine. I've modded it to use thrown, and stealth appropriate to the situation. It also utilize dynamic stealth range which matches the targets aggro range for least downtime and quickest kill. I have not yet leveled a rogue, so the numbers might need tweaking. (Check the rogue script code line 249 to 291 for example code)

  • Figure out a way to make the bot path around aggro ranges, without looking like a bot. Makes avoiding groups of mobs easier, so it wont path through them/aggro them.
  • Figure out a way to make the bot see the difference between neutral, and aggressive mobs. It can't atm, so it range pulls mobs not necessary.
It's been fun learning, and i look forward to add more features as i finish them.
If any bugs occur, feel free to make a post below about it. I'll try to figure it out to the best extend i can.

- Have fun botting!

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.lua   script_grind_logitech.lua (Size: 37.68 KB / Downloads: 763)
.lua   script_rogue.lua (Size: 16.06 KB / Downloads: 655)
very good
check benjamins old rouge script for a "avoid emenypathing" function
if i remember correctly it had something like that

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