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My Waypoint on some Regions not reachable
first of all thank you, I love your work! The pathfinding algo and so on to program are awesome. Sadly I have some issues in Mulgore that when I start the bot from random location (especially the point where you come from the starting place) the char couldn't reach the created hotspot point. The same behaviour I have recognized at the hinterlands. Is that maybe a problem of the mmaps or could it be that the hotspot script has some issues?
the bot has trouble with pathing. it is not perfect. in some areas the mmaps are bad/wrong so the bot has issues pathing in these areas. can you make a screenshot where exactlxy your problem is?
There are many of them this would be a huge project to find all. Especially if the terrain was not flat like in Mulgore at the heights. Maybe I should extract the mmpas from the client i am using? ^^
well i tried to extract my own mmaps but ogasai would not accept them.
its an ongoing effort to fix these mmaps issues but currently darklinux doesnt have time to fix them. there should be no issues or at least a workaround for bad mmap tiles in the future

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