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Question about detection
Sadly I have some issues with GM's on Pservers Big Grin
I would ask if the program detect also invisible players so the paranoia script could also detect these and maybe logout or just stay there like it does at these times?
The thought of mine is that when is no one in your area that could see you nothing will know you are botting and will ever report you that you get screwed or watched by gm's.
no there is no way to detect invis gms because your client doesn't have that info. only the server knows the that someone is next to you.
Oh ok, doesn't know that these infos are not send to the client. This would be awesome to get rid of these sneaky GM's they're doin a shitty job tho ;d
well the main thing is being reported by users, thats is 90% of cases.
so try and avoid user reports if you dont want to be banned. i have 5 or 6 lvl 60 and no ban

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