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Guide / Tutorial for Wow TBC 2.4.3
Hi ! 
first off, thank you so much for creating and sharing this bot, ive been trying to make this bot work on this private server : 
Warmane - OUtland 
wow Burning Crusade 2.4.3

So far, no luck  Sad 

i have tried to Follow all the Guides / Tutorial available, but i believe most of them are made for the Wow Vanilla ?

using : Windows 7 64bit

This is what ive done : 
1. Launch wow 2.4.3 windowed mode 
2. Inject oGasai.dll using Extreme Injector v3.6 from softpedia.com 
3. Login into game
4. Click UI > Menu 
5. Copy Paste Rotation into Rotation box > Click Use Script
[Image: LPLGnlh.png]

* I have tried various Rotation from this forum, mostly from Rotations Section 
* I also have tried to using Logitech's Rotation from This Post

6. Record my own small circular path OR trying out various Path from ppl posting in here
7. Hit RUN

so far, nothing is working, can anyone help shedding a light on this matter ? 
or maybe point me to the right direction for a guide ? 

Thank you  for anyone reading this and willing to help !
sorry but the tbc version is just an alpha that is currently not devolped but i saw someone in discord using it. so wing by and ask there.
also i would suggest to get extrem injector from https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1252921 and not softpedia

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