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TBC - oGasai - Grinder, Follower, Fishing & Combat Scripts Included
oGasai & Grinder for TBC

New release: new .dll and reorganized script files
New raycast navigation, no mapfiles required can be used in TBC zones (needs testing)

Download all files here, latest 2019-05-09:

* NavMesh files (mmaps): https://mega.nz/#!g0U2xI4a!aoJICAY34DLvM...Xz4J3rg9dM
* In TBC zones you can use raycast pathing (it handles most sitatuations, but not all)
* Wow has to be in window mode
* Enable auto loot corpse in WoW interface settings. Otherwise it will not loot.

How to install:
1. Extract the .rar archive
2. Extract the mmaps into the same dir
3. Start oGasaiLoader.exe
3. Select your WoW.exe

After injection:
1. Log into the server, choose char, enter world...
2. Choose a Mode and a combat script for your class...
3. Press Start, nav mesh files loads automaticly...

Hotspot Grinding
*There is a hotspot database that auto loads hotspots depending on your level and race. So far there are only some human and night elf locations in the DB.
*Press set current location as hotspot button to see what line you should add in the scripts//db//hotspotDB.lua
* Now you can select any hotspot from the DB in the Path options menu

* You can add vendors to scripts//db//vendorDB.lua for automatic load on startup
* You can set vendors manually in the UI, this will print the addVendor code to put in the DB if you want
* You can set repair, sell, food, drink, arrow and bullet vendors at the same time
* You can set it to refill food/drinks when below a certain amount

* Skinning, Herbalism & Mining while grinding

Auto Spend Talents
* Change talents in script_talent.lua

* script_helper.lua includes food and drinks that the bot searches for you can add more ofc

* If the bot doesn't mount, check in script_helper.lua if your mount name is added

Class combat scripts:
* Frost Mage
* Beastmaster Hunter (be sure to disable 'Auto Attack/Auto Shot' in Interface Options -> Combat
* Affliction/Demon Warlock (pet choice Fel Guard > Voidwalker > Imp)
* Retribution Paladin
* Shadow Priest
* Basic Fury Warrior
* Basic Feral Druid
* Basic Rogue Combat
* Basic Shaman Enhancement

Hunter default bag setup:

* Uses the same combat scripts used by the grinder
* A priest follower heals the whole party
* You can set a grinder bot to be group leader with free for all loot
* If a grinder bot is in group it will wait for the group to rest and catch up

* Uses the same combat scripts used by the grinder
* Auto attaches lure
* Set a sell vendor and it will sell at full inventory, otherwise it stops then

If you setup it right should look like:
[Image: tbc.png]

Attached Files
.txt   changelog.txt (Size: 2.64 KB / Downloads: 648)
Updated grinder, you will need to download all the files. Try out a human mage Smile
Added creature type target selection. Avoids targeting pets/players and elites by default.

Updated the mage script to be close to my frostbite script.
Fixed some bugs, you need to download script_target, script_grind, script_mage again...
Fixed more bugs, every file is updated. So you need to download each file and replace again.
Added a basic warrior combat script.
Added random jumps while moving.
Added loot options.
Moved some functions to script_target from script grind.

You need to dowload: script_grind, script_target, script_helper, menu and script_warrior
Fixed move to corpse (nav mesh)...
Added a druid feral script (hasnt been fully tested)...
Fixed small bug while resting...
* Moved pathing functions into script_path.lua
* Fixed bugs in the script_druid.lua
* Fixed a targeting bug, now swaps to closest enemy target if we aggro before a pull
* Moved all menus into a grinder window

Download all scripts: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/2..._03_04.rar
Fixed annoying bug with target pointers. It should not stuck now.

Download scripts: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5..._03_05.rar
Added combat scripts: basic rogue and shaman

Download pack: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5..._03_05.rar

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