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Basic Warlock Script [TBC]
Hello everyone, i've used logitech's work as a base to make a basic warlock rotation ( Heart http://darkenedlinux.com/ogasai/showthread.php?tid=377 )

***You will need to download his files***

it will have some bugs, and i've made it to basically use spells rotation, summon and sacrifice voidwalker, create and use healthstones

it may not work properly if you don't have some of those skills, in any case i've made a setup of "useSkill"

feel free to change it, the rotation if all skills are set to true will be:

agony as opener, 


Life Tap (if conditions met) -> drain soul (if out of stones and enemy dying) -> heal with stone (if conditions met) -> shadow bolt (if in Shadow Trance) -> siphon life -> corruption -> agony -> immolate -> drain life

each debuff will only be used if the enemy does not already have it

just download it and put the scripts in script folder and the menu on the main folder

The menu.lua is already updated to have warlock script

ps: the code has an option  doesTheServerYouPlayHealsPetWhenMounting because my server is currently bugged and if you mount, your pet is re-summoned when you get out of your horse, so it gets full life and mana, it's set to true as default, you'll need to change it by opening the file and manually changing the text from "true" to "false"

--[edit 27/feb/2019]--
> updated menu.lua
> added shaddow bolt as an option to replace drain life

--[edit 28/feb/2019]--
> added option to change hotfix drink if you're having trouble as well and want to use another drink just edit the name in the first few lines of the file
> added script_grind.lua file hotfix, i'm having some errors using current version, i commented the lines and the script is not working properly but at least is working for me now

--[edit 2/mar/2019]--
> removed edited script_grind.lua attachment as the current version provided by logitech is currently working for me
> updated the whole code to be compatible with new logitech's script
> added menu tab configuration, you can now config it by opening ogasai's menu in-game

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.lua   menu.lua (Size: 1.22 KB / Downloads: 483)
.lua   script_warlock.lua (Size: 10.8 KB / Downloads: 524)

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