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Bot functions support

I've had great success with Logitech's scripts / grinder. Yay to Logi but that's a different post for a different thread. That being said I'm using his grinder and frost mage script as a base.

I've been doing some testing with a frost mage and noticed that it never takes advantage of the 10% or 20% range increase on frostbolt when spending points into the Arctic Reach talent. I scoured through all the various scripts he included but realized that the IsSpellInRange function is apart of the WoWUnits API. In his scripts he calls targetObj:IsSpellInRange('Frostbolt') but it only returns true when less than or equal to 30 yards which is the default range of frostbolt.

Arctic reach talent doesn't seem to modify the name of the spells it affects but only their spell range value. The only other thing I figured that I would ask is if the spell range is hard coded in the API?

I'm not certain if it is possible to have it conditionally flag 0 pts /30 yd, 1 pts /33 yd, and 2 pts /36 yd range based upon how many talents are spent in arctic reach. I looked through all of the other functions included with the API but didn't see anything that would check talent points in something that doesn't add a spell to the spellbook or modify a spells name.

well just check if the talent is learned with the wow api talent functions

BuyTrainerService(index)   - Used for buying new/upgrading professions, profession items and class skills.
GetNumTalentTabs()   - return number of talent trees (usually 3)
GetNumTalents(tabIndex)   - return number of talents in tree
GetTalentInfo(tabIndex,talentIndex)   - return name, iconTexture, tier, column, rank, maxRank, isExceptional, meetsPrereq
GetTalentPrereqs(tabIndex,talentIndex)   - return tier, column, isLearnable
GetTalentTabInfo(tabIndex)   - return name, iconTexture, pointsSpent, background
IsTalentTrainer - ?.

Ahh, I didn't get an email notification indicating your response as my reply got pulled out of the thread I subbed to / replied to.

After thinking about using the Wow API functions to identify talents spent and all that I found it pointless to go through that effort. I just modified the logic of the script to cast Frostbolt based upon WoWUnits:GetDistance() instead of WoWUnits:IsSpellInRange. I realized I could either just hard code it to pull based upon what I know my spec is or implement a slider in the menu from 0-2 that would act as a local talent tracker. Now I can take advantage of the extra 6 yd range and move speed slows when pulling with Frostbolt. Yay!

I'm still not sure why WoWUnits:IsSpellInRange doesn't return a value of true between 30-36 yd's for Frostbolt. Not sure if that is intended or not but no biggie.

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