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Immediate Auto Logout
I am new to the whole botting scene and am trying my hand at it. I have been able to follow along with Logitech's "TBC - Ogasai - Grinder, Follower, Fishing & Combat Included" article. I am attempting to use on Warmane Outland (2.4.3) Server.

I have the files from there (the latest as I can see, from last post on page 6). I have downloaded/updated the Visual C++ Distributable and Direct X Runtime.

I start up wow, inject using cheatengine, all seems well with the menus appearing in the top left. I then log in, choose my toon and enter world. Once it loads up, it is immediately attempting to log out (the 20 seconds to log out window). I cancel the log out pop up and it re appears. I am unable to do anything because it is constantly attempting to log me out.

Not sure where to even start with this one. Any clues I can start looking into?

Thanks in advance.
interesting, it might be detected there

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