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tool: Ogasai Bot Helper Updated!
Hi guys
i wrote a little tool to help me control the bot setup on my vmware, maybe it is usefull to someone else Smile
its really basic: move mouse to xy coordinate and click  - but it gets the job done Smile

[Image: c3Ahz0H.png]

Full size gif link:

[Image: HeavenlyShyGerenuk-size_restricted.gif]
In the gif i click "run" and the script does everything
i stop the bot by hand after the wolf is dead

-Get AHK (windows automation software)  https://autohotkey.com/download
-get extreme injector http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1086405 
-download "Ogasai Bot Helper v1.2.ahk" and put it into your ogasai folder
-edit it with notepad or better notepad++ or any other advanced text editor that shows line numbers etc
- run extremeinjector once and turn on auto inject

ok now edit the ahk file and change the stuff in the set up area after you have done it double click the ahk file to run it.
So the script hits alls buttons you have to initialize it
1. click "run wow and inject dll"
2. open the ogasai menu
3. click "initialize bot helper"
4. now the mouse pointer will move to the little "o" of ogasai. if it is not exactly above it move the ogasai window
[Image: WOwNPKF.png]

if you use another version of exteme injector you have to edit all lines containing
Extreme Injector v3.6.1 by master131
depending whats the window title of extreme injector

so if your extreme injector windows title is "Extreme Injector v3.6.3 by master131"
WinActivate Extreme Injector v3.6.1 by master131

WinActivate Extreme Injector v3.6.3 by master131

if you want another wow windows size edit:
WinMove, World of Warcraft, , ,  , 967, 786, 
and for console
WinMove, oGasai - Debug Console, , 990,  393, 

The script steals your mouse so dont interfere with the running script Tongue use F12 to stop it

version 1.2

Download Ogasai Bot Helper v1.1.ahk :
Ho great! thanks
i made an updated version
(07-17-2017, 05:47 PM)zerger Wrote: i made an updated version

Interesting setup. How did you get the inject to work in VMWare Player?
In my experience, Win7 on Player 14 will hang wow as soon as oGasai dll is injected and game gets focus.
i run vm workstation 11.0.0 build-2305329 and win 7 on it

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