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20-24 Redridge Orc
This is my first attempt at a path so bare with me. This is a Blackrock Orc Farm that is usually unpopulated even on elysium during peak times and I do not often run into Horde here either. It is near the south east side of Redridge so a bit of walking is required to get to it but remote area makes it better In my opinion.

I ran this on a mage but it should work with most characters that can do any type of ranged pull. 
I used Frostbite 1.6 Rotation and was able to handle this with my mage. I did move the pull range to 40 to prevent wondering to a pack of 3. Mage was able to handle the first time but the second time Evocation was on CD and he died (level 22). Hope this works out for everyone. Any tips are appreciated.

Also there is a vendor right in the middle of the camp so you can take back over your run and clear your inv along with a repair/skinning trainer to the north

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