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How to use Ogasai (only 2.0.17)
since there are many question and the video on ownedcore is not helping  at all with the latest version i write this little guide.
All bugs and non working modules are for oGasai 2.0.17

this guide was for the OLD version and is mostly not accurate anymore!

Is the bot detected? No - Can i be banned for using it? Yes

1. Quick guide for botting
2. Common Bugs
3. General stuff
4. Requirements
5.Normal pathing vs Navmesh
6. How to inject the oGasai dll
7. How to bot, make a path etc
8. More Bugs and issues
9. General botting tips
10. GUI explained

1. Quick guide for botting:

- inject the dll into wow.exe using Cheat Engine or you can also use Extreme Injector 
- open a rotation.xml (get them here ) edit it (food you want etc) and copy -> paste it to the rotation tab and click "use script"
- in the main tab: load a walk path and select rotation then start botting
- watch your lvl 1 mage killing stuff in Northshire

2. Common Bugs:

Help my char is autowalking and i cant stop it!
Press the button according to the direction you are going once. eg: if you are auto-walking straight ahead press "w" once
Help my mouse cursor turned invisible!
Well thats a bit tricky, i try to click with my left AND right mouse button somewhere into the wow window but NOT into the bot GUI. After 1 or 2 clicks my cursor reappears.
If you get it back close the bot menu and reopen it to prevent the cursor from disappearing again.

Help i cant inject the bot!
Get a proper wow version: torrent if it is still not working for you try another injector like extreme injector

Help i followed Darklinux video instructions but all i get is error message : error here bol near error this'
Well the video is for an old version of the bot where the grind module WAS working now you must use the ROTATION module!

When i use Navmesh all nodes get blacklisted and the bot gets stuck!
Turn off Navmesh and only use the normal pathing. Navmesh navigation is only a beta feature atm

After i use the open lua option i get an error (unexpected symbol near)
Dont use it, copy paste the rotation to the textfield. it seems sometimes the open lua options adds invisible characters to the end of the file

3. General
  • grind module is not working atm (you need to use the rotation module to write bots)
  • vendor needs a path and you have to choose between repair or normal vendor, you cant have both (not working with navmesh)
  • gy and vendor path must start  near the 1. waypoint of your walk path
  • deleting items does not work for you? use this addon http://addons.us.to/addon/lootfilter
  • issues looting bind on pickup items? try this addon from Lys:
    http://vanillabotter.com/bopLoot.zip Just coded this little addon. Sadly it doesnt truly loot BoP items immediately, Vanilla WoW seems to lack the ConfirmLootSlot function for that. And my attempted workaround doesnt work as I'd like it to either, but I have never really gotten into addon development for WoW further than modifying existing addons for my own needs, so maybe I missed something.Anyway, it will loot BoP items on a second attempt. As the bot reattempts looting a couple of times before timing out, this should work alright as long as the mob has only 1-3 BoP items on it.
  • if you want a hotkey to stop the bot make a macro ( /run StopBot(); ) and bind it to key
  • in-game options you change while the bot is injected will not be saved
  • if you resize wow or minimize it the window freezes somtimes
  • if you want to load a rotation: copy paste it to the text field, do not load via open lua
  • download http://darkenedlinux.com/uploads/oGasai/oGasai.zip
  • download navmesh https://mega.nz/#!g0U2xI4a!aoJICAY34DLvM...Xz4J3rg9dM and unzip it to \gasai bot\mmaps
  • Widescreen not currently supported for drawing path.

4. Requirements

  • Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center link
  • Must be English verstion, uninstall other languages befor reinstalling. (ie RU version does not work) link
  • Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Official Microsoft Download Center
  • Must have a Windows aero theme applied 
  • The game must be in window mode

5. Normal pathing vs Navmesh

Normal Pathing:
  • with normal pathing the bot walks on a rail and only leaves it if he targets a mob
  • if there is a tree or a hill in the way the bot will walk straight into it and get stuck, same with fences etc
  • if you added a graveyard path from the graveyard to the 1 waypoint the bot will walk to the normal path and will try to rez but if you died to far away from path he wont find you body
  • vendoring works only with normal paths
  • when you are in an area with lots of obstacles make a paths that directly walks over the mobs and lower the pull distance (looks bot like but hey at least you are not stuck)
  • load the northshire paths (walk vendor grave) to see the set-up pattern
  • navmesh will navigate around obstacles: this looks very natural
  • this feature is only beta and will work like 20% of the time
  • when you are using it you will get these errors in the console: [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]Black Listing Node [-10164.51, -22.59, 26.72]  [/color]at the beginning it doenst matter but sooner or later the bot stops moving
  • you can restart wow and start over until it stops working again
  • i noticed that it works in some area for hours, in some for minutes
  • set the pulldistance to 80 or 100 so your char spends the least time on  your normal path
  • you can make a 1 waypoint path and use it with navmesh: the bot will use it at a hotspot and wait at the waypoint if everything in his pulldistance is dead

6. How to inject the oGasai dll

Always inject at login screen.

If you want to use Cheatengine:
  • open WoW
  • open CheatEngine
  • ctrl+p to open the process view and select wow.exe
  • ctrl+m then ctrl+i
  • select the oGasai.dll
  • now you can close Cheatengine
If you want to use Extreme Injector
  • Download Extreme Injector from MPGH (NOT from http://www.extremeinjectorcom - it is bundled with adware!)
  • open WoW
  • open Extreme Injector
  • select the oGasai.dll (dll name)
  • select WoW.exe (process name)
  • click "inject"
  • Via setting you can enable autoinject
7. How to bot, make a path etc

How do i Level my new lvl 1 Human Mage?
inject and login
Debug tab: draw path 
Main Tab: load walk path (NorthShite Valley - 1 to 5 [Walk].xml.), select rotation
rotation tab: use script and copy paste this mage rotation into the text field
Auto loot tab: turn off Auto loot corpses (it can cause issues since most rotations have a loot function) you can turn on skinning
Main Tab: hit run and enjoy the show

How do i make a path?
inject and login
Debug tab: draw path 
Main Tab: record path
walk around
Main Tab: record path to stop recording
Main Tab: save path 
  • load the northshire paths (walk vendor grave) to see the set-up pattern. check this screenshot: link
  • you dont need to be dead to make a gy path, in fact all paths are formatted the same (open the xml files and look at them)
  • the vendor path must start near your first waypoint of you normal path and end near the vendor
  • gy path must start at the graveyard and end at the first waypoint of the walk path

How do i use a go to profile?
load a go to path and a rotation and set the pulldistance to 5

8. More Bugs and issues
I enabled vendoring but the bot doenst go to a vendor although the bags are full and the roation has a vendoring option?
the vendor path is not close to the first waypoint or you are using navmesh ( check the northshire paths for the setup)

i edited a rotation.lua but now i get error xy.
see if all "if" have a corresponding "end"
close all brackerts: ( blub (bla)
fix typos : screenshot (error is in line 251, it tries to call a function named isDrining should be isDrinking)

If i make changes ingame to addons or other options their are not saved!
yes if you change some addon options etc they wont be saved

if i resize wow or minimized it after i injected i cant get it back
yes that is a bug, resize the window before you inject, dont minimize wow

I have xy Problem with this xy roation help!
Since all rotations were made by Logitech and Benjamin you are out of luck - both left this project more or less (for now)
Try to fix it yourself or use another rotation or another bot

When is Darklinux fixing feature xy?
My guess? not any time soon, last real bot update with new features was a few months ago and since then he only patched it for the elysium warden update

9. General botting tips
  • never bot the same 3 mobs in the same corner of the map for 3 hours
  • dont afk bot unless you found the perfect spot
  • dont be lazy:
                   - dont use public paths
                   - make a path for every 2 level you are botting since most mobs ingame have a 2 level range
                   - dont farm neutral mobs like the alterac turtles (common spot for botters and i guess checked by a GM regularly)
  • use http://db.vanillagaming.org to scout mobs you can farm and if they are for a quest etc
  • use betterbots BBMapper mega.nz link to find optimal mobs for your level  video demo (i hope they dont mind linking it)
  • use a wow or elysium repack to make your paths (you can create a path with godmode and 500% walking speed) link
  • In some areas navmehs works for hours, in some it stops working after 5 minutes
  • avoid areas where you kill important mobs like the Defias Messenger
  • when you are 22 and farming lvl 22-24 mobs and there is a lvl 25 mixed in be sure to set your level limit to 3+ so he also attacks the 25 mob and does not just body pull it by accident
  • always use skinning while grinding: 
                - it is less suspicious when you grind the same mobs for hours (why are all the pigs dead here? - oh look at that guy just killing htem over and over)            
                      - no one will follow you and skin the mobs you kill (and notice you run in circles)             
                      - you make more gold Smile

What makes a good path?
Well the optimal path is
NOT next to a quest hub
Not next Flight master/vendor
Not next to quest mobs people need to kill
Not klling mobs that drop valuebles like the earth elemteals in badlands
not in a  known grieving pvp area (stv)
not next to a road
is very long (so people coming by dont see you in the same spot repeatedly)
is not a square

10. oGasai GUI
After you inject the dll you get:

[Image: N98f7rz.png]

  • Hide/show the main GUI
  • Hide/show status (not needed since most rotations have their own on screen status info)
  • Start/stop the module you selected (fising, rotation etc)
  • Login account xy (you can add your wow accounts to the login.xml in the bot folder)
[Image: IBZVi9x.png]

  • Start/stop the module you selected (fishing, rotation etc)
  • simple fishing bot (does not apply lure, pool fishing not working atm)
Grind - Gather - Kick
  • not working atm
  • not working atm ?
  • aut oloots mobs for you
  • Working and main module atm (in most rotations you can choose between botting and rotation mode)
Use Mount
(not needed atm since rotations handle mount usage)
Select a path type you want and then load it from the Paths folder
what path the bot is supposed to walk along while doing the rotation
what path the bot is supposed to walk along from the graveyard to get back to the walk path
what path the bot is supposed to walk along to get to the vendor/repair. you can only use repair OR vendor
check this screenshot how it should look like or load the default north shire files that come with the bot

Records a path. Rolleyes You don't need to select a type since all paths are the same (check the path.xml) and then Save it (but first turn off recording)
Clear the current path type

[Image: Xwkh51O.png]
you don't need anything here since the advanced fishing stuff is broken afaik

[Image: FMNkKWp.png]
you don't need anything here since the grind module is broken atm

[Image: LcRof05.png]
you don't need anything here since the grind module is broken atm

[Image: 9GkdNbn.png]
you don't need anything here since the kick module is broken atm
[Image: MeL8ofL.png]
you don't need anything here since the Gather module is broken atm  Sad  Rolleyes

[Image: tCOWScc.png]
Select the mount you want to use (not sure if you need to set it up or if the rotations handles this option as well)

[Image: 96QNyMY.png]
Vendoring only works with disabled navmesh!

Vendor Name
  • Enter the Vendor name you want to sell to and repair or buy from (you only can have 1 vendor)
Get Target Name
  • Fills the target name into the vendor name field
Save load clear
  • Save load or clear your vendor item settings (sadly you cant save the vendor name)
Add Keep item
  • items you don#t want to be sold (load the vendor.xml for the format )
Add Delete items
  • add item you want to be deleted (careful!! if you add anything here while you have the bot running the)
  • When setting up a vendor, if you make a blank Delete Items entry it will wipe your inventory (this was a bug, not sure if it is fixed)
Buy list
  • items you want to buy from vendor
[Image: KpPcO82.png]
Lets your morph your character
Load Morph
  • load a .xml file with item ids for all item slots (get item ids from http://db.vanillagaming.org)
  • check the morph.xml how to format it
Morph List
  • Select a item id list and then hit Morph Character
Add Morph (not sure what it does)

[Image: DTVRemO.png]
Several hacks you can use while botting
(i don't use any since it is the fast lane to get reported when you wall climb like a champ Wink)

[Image: qvT07z8.png]
The most important module
Use script
  • turn on when you want to use rotation mode
Auto Move in range
  • if you use the rotation module for rotation only and not for botting this option will move in range to be able to attack your target
Open Lua
  • you should NOT use this since the bot sometimes adds some invisible characters at the end of the code and breaks it (if you add 1 or 2 comment lines at the end of the .lua file it should work )
  • instead copy paste your code directly into the text field
[Image: Crwznhd.png]
Options for the auto loot module
  • turn auto loot corpses  off to avoid issues when you use the rotation module and a script that already has looting turned on like this one
[Image: YHVDcAs.png]
Run lua code in-game (not 100% sure how it works)

[Image: 1GVFmWE.png]
This is the Navmesh module which is far superior to the normal pathing, sadly its only beta nad has issues Sad
Vendoring does not work with navmesh enabled
Nav Smooth
  • How the path between way points is calculated
  • Load a path and and turn on Path in the navmesh tab, now you can play with the slider and you should see the difference
Edit tiles
  • well according to darklinux ownedcore post you should be able to edit the tiles but it is not working for me
  • "To edit the mesh CTRL is to move a node, and ALT is to undo"
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGFFYJxkGhs that is how it should work (but doesnt)
Tile Distance
  • in-game render distance of the NavMesh tiles
Meshlines 1/2
  • draws the navmehs tiles ingame
  • shows the navmesh path when you are using navmesh for navigation
  • turn this always on if you are using navmesh
Save Mesh
  • probably  to save your navmesh edit but it is not working for me
Use navmesh
  • enable disable NavMesh navigation
  • when you get navi error in the debug console turn it off
Load NavMesh
  • To use NavMesh you have to load the mmaps first
  • you should wait until the loading process has finished before you do something else
[Image: PYBl5SD.png]
Skip bag check
  • skip bags if you are a hunter and need to ignore quiver
skip looting
  • skips all looting
Display warden info
  • dumps warden infos to the  Debug Console
draw path
  • draws the paths you loaded in the main tab
  • i suggest you turn this always on
draw pathid
  • shows the ids of your waypoints
  • shows the ids (GUID?) of herbs, veins etc
Bobber esp
shows the ids (GUID?) of the fishing bobber
pool esp
  • shows the ids (GUID?) of fishing pools
random offset
  • enables some random actions but i think it only applies to movement between waypoints
pool distance
  • draws the distance of fishing pools?
Retrieve corps distance

Corps Distance

Get spell info
  • Dumps all your characters spells info to the Debug Console
dump map infos
? not quite sure what you get Smile
Nice, this helped me very much, thank you Tongue
Nice man this should clear a lot of ppls questions
Is it possible to use in the lua Rotation for eating the itemids of Food? Since "Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake" couldnt be used since it got the ' in its Name, which is owned by the commandline (eatName = 'Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake'; -- name of the food we eat)?

Sorry for my english

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